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Reportback: ALEC Action

Take a look at protests from the medics’ point of view! This is the first in a new series of reportbacks from medics running at actions.

On 8 August 2013, Chicago-area labor unions and others gathered at the Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago to protest the ALEC convention.

6 medics ran (worked) at the protest. One was a medic in town from Wisconsin who also ran during the NATO protests last year.

By 12:00 there was in the neighborhood of 1,000 protesters picketing from the hotel entrance on Monroe east to Wabash and south to the Wabash entrance to the hotel.

After a couple hours of picketing and some speeches the crowd started to dissipate and police focused their attention on the black bloc, facing off across a barricade in front of around 12 black bloc people on the sidewalk. The crowd on the sidewalk was very dense for at least 30 feet in either direction from the black bloc group.

At this point we did some lazy medic work by suggesting to a care giver of a child in a wheelchair situated very close to the face off between police and black bloc that it would be a good idea to move farther back from the potential flashpoint. Meanwhile the police moved in for the first snatch and grab. When the crowd surged away from the violence we were just a couple steps away and able to help create a zone of space around the little girl in the wheelchair so nobody fell on her.

Seven protesters were arrested in two snatch and grabs. We treated no injuries but prevented some.  In both of the snatch and grabs police knocked bystanders to the sidewalk and into the building but we saw no injuries and nobody requested any first aid.