Resources for Activists

What do I do if something happens at an action and I need a medic?

Chicago Action Medical provides first aid and urgent care at progressive direct actions. Street medics operate in buddy pairs and can be identified by red crosses or insignia similar to the EMS star of life (as seen in the header on this page).

At actions we are prepared to treat basic first aid needs, and to get people needing more advanced care to Chicago EMS or other appropriate services. If someone gets seriously injured first call 911, then yell, “Medic!” For less serious injuries stay with the injured person and walk them to a first aid tent, or find a medic.

Below are links to some resources for street medics and activists.

Health and Safety Resources (PDFs)

Useful Phone Numbers (Chicago)

Clinics and Care Centers (Chicago)

On the Internet


3 responses to “Resources for Activists

  1. Phillip Aguet

    Love the sight. I am not much for protesting but Everyone deserves medical treatment. As a former Law enforcement officer however I can tell you that the instructions on the “shit! we are going to be arrested” link is complete crap. I would be willing to guide you on more appropriate instructions. Hiding things in bras… are additional charges. I can explain in detail if you all would like to chat.

  2. estherfmack

    Hi Phillip,

    Unfortunately, when people are arrested and especially when they are arrested at protests, mistreatment does occur. The “Shit! We’re gonna get arrested!” flyer provides useful information about how to deal with arrest. The people who made the flyers (BALM – Boston Area Liberation Medics) wrote from experience, and I and many others can attest to the accuracy and usefulness of the information they provide.

    I am interested to hear what you have to say about hiding things in bras resulting in additional charges, as I hadn’t heard anything to that effect before.

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